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Beautify Your Smile

Do you hide your smile due to the color of your teeth? Having yellow teeth doesn’t mean your smile isn’t healthy, but it can affect your confidence. State Street Smiles can lift the stains from your teeth with a simple, effective whitening procedure so you can flaunt your smile.

woman with blonde hair wearing sunglasses smiling in front of a blue wallHow Teeth Whitening Works

Our practice uses the highly-rated Kör Whitening system because it’s effective and convenient. We combine in-office treatment with at-home whitening trays for the best results. 

In-Office Whitening

Before your whitening treatment begins, your dentist will place protective measures in place. While teeth whitening is safe, the high-strength gel can cause sensitivity in your gums and soft tissues. Then, the quick whitening procedure can begin.

Most patients notice a significant difference in the color of your smile after a single appointment. For more dramatic results, you can continue brightening your smile from the comfort of your own home with our customized whitening trays.

At-Home Whitening

To continue whitening at home, we’ll take an impression of your teeth to create a custom tray. Once this tray has been created, your dentist will show you how to properly use the whitening system.

Following our instructions, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth at home over the course of a few weeks. The Kӧr system is different from other at-home whitening trays because they’re made to seal out saliva and other fluids, which often mitigate the effectiveness of whitening gel.

The Benefits of Kӧr Whitening

There are many benefits to the Kӧr Whitening System, including:

  • Noticeably whiter teeth for a beautiful smile
  • Effective on stubborn stains, including tetracycline stains
  • Results in very little sensitivity, if any
  • Permanent results
  • Entirely safe for your teeth and gums
  • Comfortable and easy treatment
  • No need to give up coffee, tea, or wine
  • Great for ages 14 and up

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Teeth whitening can enhance your life by enabling you to be proud of your smile. Whether it’s for an important event, such as a wedding, or simply for the benefit of having a beautiful smile, State Street Smiles can help elevate your life.

To learn more about teeth whitening, contact us by calling (201) 487-7030 or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to speaking with you about your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can teeth whitening damage teeth?
How does teeth whitening work?
Does teeth whitening always work?
Why does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?
Can teeth whitening damage teeth?

No, teeth whitening treatments are designed to be safe when used properly. While the whitening gel is strong, our dentists will make sure your teeth and gums are protected, and the at-home trays are designed to be safe.

You may experience some sensitivity after your whitening treatment, but this is normal. This feeling usually fades quickly, and it’s best to avoid additional whitening until it does. If you’re concerned about tooth sensitivity after whitening, please call our office at (201) 487-7030 so we can help.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which reacts with the surfaces of your teeth to remove stains. While some whitening treatments use a UV light to make this reaction happen quicker, the Kӧr system has eliminated the need for this.

The Kӧr trays work quickly by sealing out saliva and other fluids to preserve the strength of the gel when it’s on your teeth. Saliva contamination is one of the most common reasons why teeth whitening treatments can deliver less noticeable results than promised.

Does teeth whitening always work?

There are some cases of tooth discoloration that can’t be improved through teeth whitening treatments. As a general rule of thumb, if your teeth are yellow-tinted, teeth whitening will likely work because these stains are often caused by foods and beverages.

If your teeth are brown or gray, there’s a possibility that the whitening treatment won’t work as effectively. In cases where tooth discoloration is caused by medication or injury, another treatment such as porcelain veneers may be better for your smile.

Why does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

Teeth whitening sometimes causes sensitivity because the peroxide in the gel can be strong. Some people’s teeth are more sensitive to peroxide than others and may experience stronger feelings after whitening. Post-whitening tooth sensitivity often goes away quickly and doesn’t cause any additional harm.

That being said, it can be concerning and uncomfortable to have sensitivity after whitening. The Kӧr whitening system is designed to result in little to no sensitivity after treatment, so you can enjoy its benefits even if you’ve experienced sensitivity after other whitenings.

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