Restorative dentistry solutions for imperfect smiles

Hackensack, New Jersey patients who need restorative dentistry can work with our husband-and-wife team at State Street Smiles to learn more about the options available to them.

What are some of the more common restorative dentistry procedures available at State Street Smiles?

Drs. Edward and Dina Jackson of State Street Smiles are pleased to offer the following restorative solutions for patients:

Doctor with Patient in Clinic
  • Dental fillings. Dental fillings repair broken or decayed teeth. Our dentists will remove the decay and then fill the tooth with a special filling material known as composite resin bonding, which looks just like natural tooth enamel.
  • Dental crowns. Also known as โ€œcaps,โ€ dental crowns are used to restore severely damaged teeth. A crown can be made of porcelain, gold, or other materials. It acts like coverage for the entire visible part of the natural tooth structure above the gum line to strengthen it and help it look better aesthetically.
  • Dental bridges. These devices are often used when one or more missing teeth need to be replaced. A bridge consists of one or more false teeth held in place by metal or porcelain crowns attached to the natural teeth on either side of the gap.
  • Root canal therapy. Root canal therapy is used when a tooth becomes infected due to decay or injury. Our dentists will remove the infected pulp and replace it with a filling to save the tooth from unnecessary extraction.
  • Full and partial dentures. For those with multiple missing teeth, full and partial dentures can provide a lifelike replacement option. Full or complete dentures are complete sets of artificial teeth, while partials are just for one section of the mouth. Both types sit atop an acrylic base that fits snugly onto your gums and provides support for chewing food.

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At State Street Smiles of Hackensack, NJ, we are committed to ensuring patients of all ages in our community have access to affordable and quality restorative dentistry procedures. If you require repair work for your teeth and gums, call our office today to request an appointment at 405 Main Street. Our practice can be reached by calling (201) 389-2183 and serves patients in the surrounding communities of Maywood, Teaneck, and Paramus, NJ.