Dr. Dina and Dr. Edward

Our Mission Statements

At State Street Smiles, our experienced team aims to provide an exceptional dental experience for our patients and their families. We strive to not only preserve the longevity of your smile but also address and treat any issues you may have with your dental health. When you visit us, you can expect uncompromising excellence and commitment to:

  • An enjoyable experience
  • Open and honest communication
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Innovation-led approach to dental care
  • Customized care
Patient of State Street Smiles

What To Expect As A New Patient

Your first visit to State Street Smiles opens a door to establishing a trusting relationship with you. Dr. Jackson is here to support you and your family, so we’re committed to providing excellent service from your initial consultation and beyond.

During your initial visit, Dr. Jackson will ask you about the reason for your visit and take a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and jaw. In combination with your medical history, this exam gives us a comprehensive understanding of your oral health and dental needs.

We’re committed to open communication at our practice, so if further treatment is needed, Dr. Jackson will discuss an action plan with you to optimize your dental health.

Staff of State Street Smiles

Getting Ahead For Your First Visit

When you visit our office, we ask that you also bring your insurance card (or policy number) as well as a list of medications you’re currently taking. In addition to the new patient forms, this information allows us to provide the best care possible for you and your family.

We’re committed to a compassionate approach to dental care, and our whole team strives to make our services as accessible as possible. Our office also provides flexible financing options to accommodate your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


We recommend dental exams once every six months, or at least twice a year. Regular exams are important to your dental health because you may not notice if you have a dental issue.

Some people wait until they feel pain to go to the dentist, but at that stage, you may require more invasive procedures so it’s important to schedule visits regularly so we can catch proactively catch problems.


Here at State Street Smiles, we offer comprehensive care which includes general, restorative, & cosmetic dentistry to address a variety of dental issues.  We also offer laser and sedation dentistry to enhance the comfort of all our patients.

Schedule Your Consultation With Dr. Jackson Today

Your initial consultation is a way for us to get to know you, understand your needs, and assess how best to support you. It’s crucial to provide as much information as possible about your dental concerns, so we can provide you with the best possible solutions and treatment.

We have online versions of our adult and child patient forms available to save you time during your first visit. To schedule your first visit at our Hackensack office, call us at (201) 389-2183 or fill out our online form below.