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Laser Dentistry in Hackensack, NJ

Learn More About Our Technology Techniques at State Street Smiles

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Advanced Dental Care in Hackensack, NJ

Learn More About Our Technology Techniques at State Street Smiles

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We’re Happy To Support You

When it comes to dental wellness, it takes a team effort to keep your oral health optimized, protect your smile from cavities and decay, and address more serious issues as they arise. The professionals at State Street Smiles are here as your support team on your journey to superior dental health. We welcome New Jersey patients from Teterboro, Maywood, Teaneck, and the surrounding areas looking to improve their oral care.

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Find answers to frequently asked questions, information about appointments & payments, download patient forms & more.

What Makes Us Different?

When you visit our conveniently located Hackensack, NJ office, you’ll find that our number one priority is creating an exceptional dental experience for you and your family. Whether you’re in need of one of our general dentists or our pediatric specialist, our exceptional team has got you covered.

Open communication, innovative approaches to care, and creating a comfortable environment for all our patients are just a few things you can expect when you visit our office. You can trust your dental care is in good hands when you visit State Street Smiles.

Our Technology Techniques 

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, continuously improving our quality of life. Dentistry is no exception — in fact, it’s an essential part of modern dentistry. 

At State Street Smiles, we keep our office equipped with the latest technology for your benefit, which includes laser dentistry using the esteemed Solea Laser. Laser dentistry is an innovative, minimally invasive type of dental care that can treat many dental issues with no pain, no needles, and limited recovery time since no numbing is needed.

Comprehensive Dental Services 

Here at State Street Smiles, we provide our patients with treatments and procedures designed to bring out their best smiles. Whether that means sustaining your natural teeth with our general services, creating your dream smile with a cosmetic procedure, or even restoring your smile to full functionality with our restorative services, we are here to support your dental needs. Our experts are also qualified to treat orthodontic issues as well as jaw pain so you and your family can meet all your dental needs in one place.

Young woman smiling in dental chair getting her teeth cleaned
little girl in dental chair smiling happily as dentist smiles at her with cleaning tools in his hands

Pediatric Dentistry

We welcome patients of all ages here at State Street Smiles, which includes infants and children. We want to be your trustworthy dentists for the entire family to make your visits more convenient. Dr. Edward Jackson and Dr. Dina Jackson are a unique husband-and-wife team, both dedicated to delivering an extraordinary dental experience to patients of any age. As parents, they understand the concerns fellow parents may have when it comes to the oral health of their children. We strive to make dental visits safe and comfortable for everyone.

Whether your little one needs early infant treatment, regular cleaning, orthodontic care, or restorative treatment, we can do it. 

Laser Dentistry With Solea Laser

Laser dentistry is a modern solution to the age-old problem of treating dental issues. With these revolutionary techniques, procedures are faster and more effective than ever. Patients can even enjoy a more comfortable experience as well as faster healing. State Street Smiles is proud to utilize the Solea Laser in our office. The Solea Laser is the first CO2 dental laser cleared by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Developed in Boston using research from the University of California School of Dentistry, the Solea produces a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers to deliver virtually painless dental procedures. This has truly changed the world of dentistry by creating an easy, pain-free dental experience for children and adults alike.


How often should I see a dentist?
What do I need to bring to my first appointment?
Do you accept dental insurance?
How often should I see a dentist?

We recommend that our patients visit the dentist at least twice a year. These appointments will generally consist of a dental exam, oral cancer screening, and teeth cleaning.

Sometimes, if a patient has gum disease or is suffering from tooth decay, they will need to have more frequent visits. This can be further discussed during your biannual checkups with our team.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

When you come in for your first appointment, we suggest filling out our adult or child patient forms prior to your visit. This will help make your time here efficient and convenient.

We also please ask that you have the following items:

  • Identification such as Driver’s License, Military ID or State ID
  • Dental Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Record of Medical History
  • Method of Payment
Do you accept dental insurance?

Here at State Street Smiles, we accept most dental insurance providers. Each insurance company will have different plans with various benefits, so it’s always best to check with your employer to see what your provider offers.

Our team can help call your insurance company to determine your benefits to help you better understand the costs of your desired treatment. If there is anything important that you need to know, we will always contact you before your appointment.

Visit State Street Smile For Advanced Comprehensive Care

Our goal at State Street Smiles is to provide you and your family with the comprehensive dental care you deserve. Keeping a healthy, beautifully whole smile takes a team effort and you can rest easy knowing our expert team is here to help you achieve your perfect smile. We’re happy to serve New Jersey patients from Teterboro, Maywood, Teaneck, and the surrounding areas.  If you’d like to learn more about our practice or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jackson at our convenient Hackensack office, call (201) 487-7030 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.