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Our biggest goal is to help our patients feel comfortable during every visit. In certain situations, it might be helpful for adults or children to be sedated so that your dental treatment can be done in the most comfortable setting. There are many reasons a patient or parent might want to utilize a form of sedation during dental treatment. Some of the most common reasons include dental phobia or anxiety, medically compromised individuals, children who are too young to cooperate for extensive dental procedures, and individuals with other special needs or concerns.

We offer three types of sedation and will be happy to help you decide which is right for you!


This is our most common option, and is often used by both adults and children. Laughing gas, as it is commonly known, will simply make you more comfortable and less anxious during dental treatment. It is extremely safe and has no long-term systemic effects, so driving or going back to school or work after using laughing gas is not a problem.

Our pediatric dental team and our general dental team are specially trained to ensure your child’s safety during any sedation case. If you have questions about which option is best for you or your child, set up a consultation appointment and we’ll be happy to review your options with you.


Dr. Eddie is the Section Chief of Pediatric Dentistry at Hackensack University Medical Center and, when necessary, he brings our pediatric patients there for general anesthesia in the operating room. This arrangement allows Dr. Eddie to focus on your child’s dentistry while a specially trained anesthesiologist is focused on your child’s overall health and safety.


There are times when you or your child might benefit from sedation, but general anesthesia is not required. In this case, we will bring a board-certified dental anesthesiologist into our office to perform your sedation. Here too, your dentist is able to focus exclusively on your dentistry while your anesthesiologist is able to focus completely on your overall health and safety.

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