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Why Are People So Excited About Solea®?

Our Practice Brings the Latest and Greatest Dental Technology to Hackensack, NJ

There’s something to be said for being able to count on your dental practice. To us, that means not only providing the highest standard of care in historical dental treatments, but also staying on top of emerging trends and technologies in dental care so we are always able to offer our patients the very best.

In dentistry, continuing education is a must. That’s how we provide the sharpest skills and the gentlest treatment to patients like you.

Solea®: The Painless Dental Solution That’s Making Waves

One of the most exciting trends in dentistry right now is the use of the Solea® Dental Laser. Dentists are excited about it because it makes our clients feel more at ease in the treatment chair. Patients are excited about it because it means a pain-free, stressless dental visit!

Here’s how it works: In short, many dental procedures that used to require a needle or a drill can now be performed painlessly with this precision laser. This is wonderful for so many reasons, most importantly you and your children will feel more relaxed than ever coming in for dental work! Plus, in cases where the laser is used on soft tissue, the precise, clean lines created heal faster and reduce bleeding.

Kids can receive multiple dental procedures without the need for anesthesia, and they can typically eat or go right back to school after an appointment since they won’t have to deal with the long-term effects of mouth numbing.

Pregnant women love Solea® because they don’t have to worry about anesthesia that could affect the baby.

Which Treatments Involve Use of the Solea® Dental Laser?

The most common treatments that we now use Solea® for include:

The Solea® Dental Laser is optimized for use with teeth, gum tissues, and bone. Most people report no pain whatsoever, while some report an occasional twinge or a mild cold sensation.

Give us a call to schedule your next dental appointment, and let us know if you’re curious about Solea® use with your oral health issues. And regardless, our dental team will always defer to painless treatment at every turn! As we said, there really is something special about being able to count on your dental practice.

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