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Recipe for a Great Pediatric Dentist

What makes Dr. Eddie the best pediatric dentist in Hackensack, NJ? These key ingredients.

Dentistry has a long history of being scary for kids, but State Street Smiles is changing that story in a big way for the families of Hackensack, NJ. What’s our recipe for success? It’s Dr. Eddie!

Dr. Eddie is more than the top pediatric dentist in Hackensack; he’s also a carpool karaoke star. He’s fun, friendly, silly, and playful… and he’s a dad, too! It’s no wonder kids feel so at ease going to the dentist when they have Dr. Eddie there to make their experience a good one.

Recipe for the Best
Pediatric Dentist

  • 2 cups dental school
  • 1 cup experience being an awesome dad
  • 1 cup general silliness
  • 1 cup laughter
  • 1 cup creativity
  • 1 cup awesome communication skills
  • A dash of onsite screen-time fun and prizes

Shake vigorously while singing carpool karaoke.

Tah dah! Meet Dr. Eddie!

Setting Kids’ and Parents’ Minds at Ease

Choosing the right dentist for your family isn’t always easy. Sometimes, they all seem the same. So, how do you choose? Most dentists bring solid education, affordability, and convenience to their clients, but very few have the personality to win kids’ confidence and put their parents mind at ease.

The first time you come to our office for your child’s appointment with Dr. Eddie, you’ll notice right away that his kind and playful demeanor combined with our screen-time options, fun prizes, and painless dentistry solutions make State Street Smiles the perfect place for kids.

“We have a really pretty amazing prize box that the kids love to come for!” ~ The Squishy Doctor

Come see what all the buzz is about! Dr. Eddie and the whole State Street Smiles team are excited to welcome your family to our family. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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